Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Stuff... Every so often.

So, I've been running a Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign on Google+, with its awesome Hangouts feature. I settled on the Barrowmaze megadungeon by Mssr. Gillespie.  The administering and thinking about this campaign peaked out (piqued out?) maybe a month ago, and now it's on a simmer instead of a rapid boil.  I've met a lot of great gamers (just great people generally) and had a great deal of nefarious fun.

The Barrowmaze itself ought not to need any introduction and crystallizes a great number of things I felt as a wee young tike all o' 8 years of age, ugly blue plastic dice in hand, idolizing my brother and feverishly fumbling through the Fiend Folio.  Scourge of the Barrowmaze lets me chortle and plot and connive in the way that I imagined my brother's friends did long ago, and I find that it's helped me as a player, although I rarely am able to play as a PC these days.  Now that I have the DCC ruleset mostly under my belt and understood, I have painstakingly rather loosely converted the Barrowmaze's random encounters into an easy to use DCC chart! To save myself a good deal of .pdf page flipping and verbal pauses ("Ehmm... Uhm...  Bear with me guys... Almost there...  Mmmm...")

Here it is, and enjoy it if you like.  I had started to make a conversion of ALL the monsters in the first book to DCC stats but when I set up the spreadsheet and counted 'em all up it came to 89 different monsters or so and then my evening tea wore off and I passed out.

Thanks to Jeramy Deram and his conversion document, that was as good a guide as any you could hope for.  Feel free to give constructive criticism, or what-have-you.  And to Paul Wolfe who inspired the idea and gave a good headstart.  By way of crowdsourcing, if'n you are interested in helping me convert the rest of the BM1 monsters to DCC, then gimme a shout out here or on G+.  I could make the spreadsheet publicly available, I suppose... (note, it's in Word 2003 format since I suck, but I guess I could make it a Google Doc if any fish bite this hook).  This would spread the word on the Barrowmaze slightly farther, save some poor be-knighted DCC judge some footwork, and bring the end and doom of some hapless PCs slightly ahead of schedule.

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