Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Toil Is Endless

It is in the dead of winter that morale flags and our spirits weaken.

This is my List of Shame, that being the mini wargaming projects I have undertaken within the past few years and not finished.

Previous to my discovery of the ease of eBay, this list was laughably short. I generally bought or acquired figs and worked on them at a comfortable pace, with a few squads or prize figs always awaiting completion.

I realized the other day that I am "stress purchasing" figs off of eBay. I dare say that I enjoy NOT winning auctions that I bid on almost as much as I enjoy winning them, and I usually try to keep single figs under 10 bucks U.S. and squads under 20$. That's a modest goal, and easy target to hit, so I am gradually taking on more models than I may ever finish in my brief life span!

Things to finish:

  1. I have a handful of marines that need power-sword fixing with my airbrush.
  2. There was this box of 20 3rd or 4th edition Catachans. Hideous. Assembled now for like 6 years, awaiting paint. Convert to Beastmen or maybe Orlocks.
  3. Original St. Celestine. Arm broken: needs pinning and painting.
  4. Repaint my 8 man Arbites squad(note, I made a mold of the easiest one and have been slowly venting/tweaking so I may one day have like a anti-riot squad but that's a different thing). Thinking Judge Dredd scheme, since it's neat.
  5. Repaint my 5 Seraphim(note: I stripped these down because my paint job was pretty awful and I wanted to make a mold of the twin-bolters sister, but we'll see if that ever happens)
  6. Finish Wayne's Inquisitorial Land Raider. been assembled and waiting for months and months, now.
  7. Finish the Genestealer Cult. Needs highlights and bases.
  8. The Cult Brood Lord conversion from a WFB ogre is stalled. Need green stuff. I have milliput but not sure if I like it.
  9. Finish the Space Hulk 'stealers and termies
  10. Finish the Sisters' Immolator
  11. Finish the Gangs of Commoragh
  12. Finish Necromunda - just need to assemble the Escher and paint everything
  13. Have some Fenryll skellies i just grabbed. Want to use them for solo Frostgrave stuff so they ought to be 0
  14. Paint the Crypt Ghouls for Frostgrave. Ought to be .5
  15. Convert a new level 5 wizard for my Frostgrave warband (Chaos-y, with tubes and wires n such. Ought to be .75)
  16. A metal Brood Guard or hive guard, in the pile somewheres.
  17. Some HDF terrain: a 3x3 medieval urban board with canals/sewers.
  18. Survivors for Walking Dead: All Out War
  19. Gaslands cars (8 or 9). Magnetize with some bits from 40k
  20. Gaslands terrain
  21. Convert a team of Dark Elfs for Blood Bowl from these 3rd edition Dark Eldar kabalites. Maybe.
  22. Dungeonbowl board. I have the chests primed and ready but they await.
  23. A squad of Tommy Gun wielding mob goons that ought to be good for survivors for WD:AOW, and a couple of other bits and bobs survivors.
  24. A jillion little jobs to finish.  I have this one WW2 era Phantom bomber that I squished a couple of IG pilots into, and it needs glue-ing and basing and a crummy rules set.

These are just the ones I can recall, in no order of import. I don't know that I'll be actually playing 40K any time soon, despite hearing great things about 8th edition... As you can probably tell, just going into my frozen hell of a basement makes me exquisitely anxious with idea debt. Interestingly, while NOT doing these things on the list, I have completed a table-ready job of a Frostgrave band and even some objective markers. Proud as I am of those, my head grows heavy and my heart shrinks at the thought of these undertakings. I need to print it out and staple it onto the wall next to my bed to give me a little motivation.

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