Thursday, July 23, 2020

Starcrossed Friends of Pocket Monstering Islands

On a lark, I crossed my Stardew Valley Pet and Darkest Copperfield Dungeon Name generator with my list of "tragic gothic personality quirks" and Pokemon/Animal Crossing types and so, here you go. Abominations to the very last. I think the stats are in B/X order... that being STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA as we used to do in the dim and ancient days. But you do you. I really liked the way the Stardew Valley name generator turned out and never found a chance to put it to good use. I even tried to steal the actual stardew valley code for a bit but lost interest

Maybe I'll pick a couple of these and draw them up for yinz or you could youse this like I did. there's a literal infinite combinations of these hellspawn awaitin' in the guts of my laptop

It goes: Name (obv Stardew, Darkest Dungeon, David Copperfield styles),stats (4d4 iirc because hey they are cute animals), Pokemon type (extended list I got from somewheres), Animal Crossing Animal (not exclusively), ACNH Personality Type, Quirk



Isidore Inkleenthorpe,7,12,7,9,8,13,Void,Dog,Cranky,Belongs to a heretical sect or religion


Doba,7,10,10,8,5,11,Fairy,Rhino,Lazy,Gangly physique

Tirel,9,10,10,8,10,10,Crystal,Eagle,Jock,Corrects people when they use colloquial speech

Becdelièvre,11,13,9,13,10,9,Fission,Penguin,Big Brother or Sister,Is a compulsive gambler with heavy debts


Musard,7,8,15,13,12,14,Dark,Monkey,Snooty,Twirls or Pulls or Plays with own hair often

Tolliver Snarflethwaite,12,10,11,13,4,10,Cluster,Hippo,Lazy,Is formal noble turned servant

Pertbi,14,10,9,12,7,8,Fusion,Wolf,Peppy,Becomes depressed unless given a steady stream of positive feedback

Guideville,13,13,8,8,11,12,Holy,Octopus,Big Brother or Sister,Was injured in combat and is a eunuch because of it

Hugonin,8,8,13,10,9,10,Rain,Mouse,Smug,Is a bastard of a prince

Timchers,6,9,10,13,5,10,Gory,Wolf,Big Brother or Sister,Shallow

Eveny Curfleby,13,8,5,9,13,12,Fission,Hippo,Jock,Is naive


Buymede,9,10,9,12,9,10,Crystal,Chicken,Jock,Is fickle

Mercier,5,10,12,8,9,10,Magma,Duck,Snooty,Is impoverished


Vernold,11,11,4,8,12,11,Electric,Hippo,Smug,Plays the piano compulsively

Mesnage,11,8,16,11,10,6,Pure,Mouse,Hallucinatory Insanity,Likes music

Kulard,11,9,10,9,10,10,Flying,Octopus,Lazy,Firmly believes the lunar landing was faked on a North Dakota prairie



Senarpont,11,8,10,8,9,10,Medic,Chicken,Peppy,Is without a family


Herbert Beckwith,6,13,8,12,8,8,Fungus,Ostrich,Peppy,Dark-skinned

Gueron,10,8,6,12,9,11,Gory,Bird,Jock,Is disgusted by the look of live fish, yet can eat cooked fish or sushi


Pister,13,11,11,11,13,13,Normal,Rhino,Hallucinatory Insanity,Black-haired

Faintree,7,11,12,10,7,14,Flying,hound,Manic Despression,Strongly dislikes the sound of chewing and hums a quiet song while eating



Druel,9,10,10,7,7,12,Grass,Squirrel,Big Brother or Sister,Has escaped from the asylum

Paschal,11,8,13,11,9,10,Mana,Frog,Big Brother or Sister,School Bus Yellow (Yellow)-eyed


Clara Twitchitch,9,5,11,13,9,10,Cluster,Frog,Snooty,Gravel-voiced


Gael,11,12,13,12,10,12,Glass,Monkey,Cranky,Is a vampire

Vane,13,13,9,13,15,10,Void,Gorilla,Lazy,Is overfed

Puduridge,10,14,9,13,6,9,Magic,Bear,Lazy,Fleshy physique



Nelly Quiderny,8,9,10,8,11,14,Steel,Lion,Smug,Sanguine

Joss Jaggoiss,7,10,12,10,9,8,Wind,Cub,Megalomania,Gangly physique

Thibault,9,11,10,5,11,12,Mana,Cub,Weirdo,Is of noble blood but not noble heir

Juson,13,8,13,7,10,9,Dark,Mouse,Cranky,Xanadu (Grey)-eyed


Dootte,11,6,12,14,8,10,Fairy,Wolf,Jock,Practically gives money away, knowing it will come back manyfold


Mustel,12,11,8,11,9,12,Dragon,Lion,Cranky,Is a hermaphrodite

Maunsell,7,6,11,10,11,11,Sound,Horse,Snooty,Goes barefoot whenever possible

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

99 Random Vancian Spells +1 of my own devising

A hundred spells Phandaal personally had formulated--though rumor said that demons whispered at gus ear when he wrought magic. Pontecilla the Pious, then ruler of Grand Motholam, put Phandall to torment, and after a terrible night, he killed Phandaal and outlawed sorcery throughout the land. The wizards of Grand Motholam fled like beetles under a strong light; the lore was dispersed and forgotten, until now, at this dim time, with the sun dark, wilderness obscuring Ascolais, and the white city Kaiin half in ruins, only a few more than a hundred spells remained to the knowledge of man. Of these, Mazirian had access to seventy-three, and gradually, by stratagem and negotiation, was securing the others.

In response to a Reddit post the other day, I finally remembered to flog the daemons I have in my bottle of containement in the Level 4 sublaboratory and here is 99 Vancian Spells generated Pseudorandomly. There is some Maze Rats in the code, not the current one but the alpha version, and a couple of different name generators of my own devising and contorting. I add an ultimate capper to the end of the list since 99 seems to me an unseemly number, at least to my Western and Post-modern sensibilities

Glassine Shard of Dale Dugpiss

Bilious Vitalisation of Golonar

Flensed Tentacle

Gerontification Spiral

Drenal's Creeping Chocolate Tongue

Ithaugha's Pendulous Earth Heart

Tsaonac's Bony Servant

Devastating Oil of Armael

Boorish Intimidating Pattern

Crislan's Dripping Elemental

Intransigent Boffola Bolt of Ciloldenense

Fungal Assassin

Insidious Hanging Storm of Phalros

Abi-Dalzim's Egregious Summoning of the Incendiarism Mephit

Bellicose Summoning of the Imparting Devil

Maximillian's Stitched Coil

Melf's Charm of Histrionic Enrapturement

Goloazash's Soothing Chaos

Mist Rotten Monolith

Minor Ashen Defilement of Felojun

Gossip Gate of Sabga

Lesser Awakening Echo of Rary

Nahal's Scaly Elemental

Bezoar Inflammation

Serten's Silent Disencarceration

Shambling Rimed Nexus of Nyaothoa

Halbel's Charm of Parsimonious Trampling

Saruel's Elemental of Serpent

Abhorrent Summoning of the Seismism Elemental of Rasaz

Zelmir's Sickly Hand

Saramin's Warding Moss

Affronting Necrosis of Nahal

Ashen Elemental of Maximillian

Greater Taciturn Vengeance Gaze

Charm of Black Commingling of Mordenkainen

Salty Steed

Daedsisulpg's Oracle of Deflecting Flame

Ingurgitation Stream of Yshisa

Azathotep's Legendary Charm of Arcadian Manducation

Bankel's Adroit Wooden Sigil

Thrushing Elemental of Otto

Conducting Elemental of Turjan

Elegant Web of Cthathotep

Recalcitrant Teetering Lock

Serendipity Marshalling of Simgri Erelian

Nystul's Minor Abstraction Stream

Charm of Pernicious Soporiferousness

Serpentine Water Wave of Saint Anastasia

Belmerplen's Golden Elemental

Egregious Plastic Coil

Pollen Steed of Braaren

Turjan's Gerontification Field

Legendary Reptilian Elemental of Tenser

Flowery Gathering of Otto

Moldy Disencarceration of Seraphael

Narach's Summoning Night Touch

Greater Placid Torrent of Futhagath

Mordenkainen's Phantasms Tree

Drawmij's Greater Living Pugnacious Column

Sella's Tunnel of Condemning Lightning

Damarvyr's Ropy Golem

Abi-Dalzim's Dead Sewn Tunnel

Caustic Summoning of the Concupiscence Beast

Saint Horace's Trampling Disk

Kheaat's Greater Feathery Tree

Haludiah's Lesser Poison Word

Nithlas's Lesser Charm of Mendacious Envisioning

Bigby's Flatulent Elemental

Kandive's Minor Gaze of Wine

Charm of Trenchant Concupiscence

Touch of Transposing Rust

Genosh's Thrushing Prism

Larbyrdua's Flatulent Shroud

Venomous Scream of Otto

Numbing Pyramid of Drenal

Annaara's Lesser Creeping Fungal Voice

Nybor's Slashing Ghost

Gad Leis's Rotten Elemental

Charm of Puckish Transportation of Rary

Gad Leis's Febrifacience Assassin

Cobabihish's Kibble Fabrication

Ramonmosnen's Dead Woolen Prism

Major Brilliant Elemental

Sickly Burst of Drenal

Bigby's Pestilence Elemental

Pervasive Summoning of the Arriving Elemental

Judicious Bilious Beast of Rary

Kandive's Spray of Rebounding Earth

Futhamir's Legendary Roaring Incendiarism

Tenser's Greater Vengeance Artifice

Elder Crystalline Call

Vidagan's Wilting Mouth

Damela's Sickly Elemental

Legendary Ropy Elemental

Lesser Path of Silver

Roaring Burst of Tenser

Otiluke's Intermuring Pulse

Charm of Mendacious Expunging of Surlim

Sotjutepkheher's Voluble Summoning of the Aeriality Daemon

100. (mine own) Haon Dor's Greater Entropic Daydreams

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