Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Pulling a Fast One

So anyways, the Blogger interface just changed, so that's not great because change is bad. Yuck. Looks like an early-aughts UI for a dead Android phone

Moving on, I made this for you to pass around to your friends. Maybe jank a copy of Holmes in there or or Labyrinth Lord quickstart in there, if there is one, or OSE or maybe whatever is your favorite. Mutant Future? Cool. GW1e? Terrific! Toon? That would be a literal prank. Maybe stuff in there a moderately-altered Chick Tract and your work is done, comrade

Looks like this (see below), if you print it out on card stock you can wrap it around a booklet print and turn the h8ters work against them, long after they wandered off this mortal coil

I think (speculative merely) my 6th grade computer teacher might be related to Dempsey who was a co-author of the thing back in the day, but there could be a bunch of Dempseys in S. Florida in the 80's. She more than anything made me fear work in the computer industry! She's probably gone now -- the ogress! -- but she left an indelible mark on me of computing as subversive when she critiqued all my great and useless and badly-reiterative programs (fucking GOSUBS man, make no sense when I'm 11)

Adobe identifies the title as done in a font called Ironwood (I wonder if the author lifted it from this, which would be a laugh) Ironwood is great, and I have it in the pile, but I thought that simply chopping it out and doing it digitally would take away some of the charm. Also, I must say, I love the mostly-illegible dragon for his clear face and squishy innards and body? Like maybe it's a trace from a better source but who can say? Maybe some expert

Go out, Be Crimes, Do Gay, Give Your Creations Away

After, For Your Amusement

Original, pretty janky in a design sense but I'm no expert

Find the PDF outcheea

Friday, April 10, 2020

Dungeon Painter Experiment - Treasure of Tarmin

So I picked up Dungeon Painter Studio on Steam. It's easy to use, that's good. I'm not 100% sold on it, for some reason, but there's not much to NOT like. It does just what it says on the package, and it was only 15 bucks or something. A lot of restrictions from the content makers about what you can/can't sell, which is fine - I probably wouldn't use their art in something I was going to sell as a #diy thing

So, like here is a couple of geomorphs, as close as I think I am able to discern to the tiles used in the game Treasure of Tarmin for the Intellivision, which was one that my young brain was not fully able to comprehend and also I had to give it back before I fully grokked it. It was not great, I think, although it was gameable and terrifically "roguelike" before that was even a thing...

So here's the geomorphs, hack 'em, peel 'em, fuck 'em up. I don't care. Believe it or not I did these in Illustrator CS4 a couple of years back but they weren't ever the right size. As much as I dig photoshop, the vectorness of Illustrator still eludes me. I think I might try to get them included in some fancy random dungeon makers, just for a kick.

Interstingly, the four bonus tiles I made were chopped off the bottom of the PNG, so I don't know. Still sorting out the doohickeys and thingamawhatsits

That's a little better. Getting there. The top 16 are original, bottom 4 are bonus

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