Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Threndian Low-Life Operatives

Inspired by the Vircades project "Wage Slaves" series, and also the release of Cyber Sprawl Classics, I got my Tablesmith juju on and generated a couple of generators for low-level, OZ/AdventureTime/Neuromancer/Steampunk scumbags. +Dave Younce helped me to get a version of the name generator on Abulafia, but the rest is from my own noodle. The stats are DCC, but I think the modifiers must be from 5e or 4.5/PF and I will adjust those later once the code is more familiar to me.

Tablesmith is really handy!  Remind me to post the .tab files later. I twerked the Ork Tribes to make some Street Gangs, and made the names from code I stole/twerked from a Dickens name generator site, which made terrific but not odd enough names. The races are just a long list of races that spilled out of my brain. I figure Thrend (especially in Helleborine) is very  very metro-/cosmo-/pandimensionalpolitan and so hey man, werewolf plumbers with Dreamlands Robot journeyman assistants are probably par for the course. Relax, man. It's just a prank, man! For laughs!

Treacle Shilum
Race: Blue Man
Occupation: Brand Shouter
Strength: 18 4
Agility: 10 0
Stamina: 8 -1
Personality: 14 2
Intelligence: 13 1
Luck: 12 1

Arthur Flizwitch
Race: Wood Elf
Occupation: Broth-Pusher
Strength: 13 1
Agility: 11 0
Stamina: 16 3
Personality: 7 -2
Intelligence: 15 2
Luck: 13 1

Latch Beerwith
Race: Kappa
Occupation: Pixel Artist
Strength: 13 1
Agility: 18 4
Stamina: 13 1
Personality: 12 1
Intelligence: 15 2
Luck: 15 2

James Catness
Race: Dog
Occupation: Freelance Widow Poacher
Strength: 8 -1
Agility: 6 -2
Stamina: 13 1
Personality: 15 2
Intelligence: 10 0
Luck: 12 1

Parrish Fattage
Race: Human
Occupation: Freelance Dough Tweaker
Strength: 10 0
Agility: 13 1
Stamina: 10 0
Personality: 13 1
Intelligence: 10 0
Luck: 16 3

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