Sunday, March 22, 2015

Holy Host and Some Sinners

These are all WIP

I find a couple of discoveries:

A) This method of dry brushing plasma collimators or whatever, I'm pretty happy with it

It works nicely on Force Weapons, also!

The Sisters are Almost there, Blessed Be!  There's an Ecclesiastical Battle Conclave with 8 Arco-Flaggelants ready for conversion, and the chaos cultists have repented and will be some Death Cultists for the Emperor.

The Immolator is at the end of the list, and kitbashing some cheap Ogre Kingdom guys into Ogryn for the Emperor's Glory.  And Celestine (praise be her name!) at the back. I know that she knows I'm not ready.

Yarrick is almost there.  I don't want to rush him since he's covered with fiddle little details.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sargon, DCC Patron

Subcreatures, Spring Hath Arrived and I'm between jobs, and relaxing except for money and with relaxation comes creation.

I've made Sargon of Lion Castle into a Patron for DCC, sort of a middling level one, with a good amount of risk to balance your rewards.  I don't particularly subscribe to the "only one God/Patron" view, so my idea is that you ought to be able to take up to your limit in Invoke X of different flavors, provided you're okay with all the stuff that could go wrong.  Of course, this means a rather Vancian notion of "swap out spells as needed" change to the vanilla DCC rules, and it's between you and your Judge how it goes if a Patron gets jealous - I do believe that some ought to get jealous by their natures.  Also, I don't particularly believe that Patrons need to have a 1-2-3 level spell and different burns and taints; this one just naturally kind of fell that way... But I note that provided you don't mind the "Manimal approach", Sargon gives you access to the Polymorph spell at level 3 rather than 4, with some limitations.  To my mind, if you want to risk casting a level 4 spell at level 1, then I say GO FOR IT for such are heroes forged, yes?  He's not so powerful, for example, as Dr. Chapman from Daniel Bishop's Creeping Beauties Series

For Sargon's part, I think he'd be cool with it, provided you don't abuse cats or anything, but even Lions don't look out for Tigers if you get my meaning.  It occurs to me this is a very '80s Patron.  If you're curious, the next one will be The Ancient Spirits of Evil from Thundercats, tossed around in a bowl with some Cthulhoid entities and Clark Ashton Smith gods.  Also, I have a Luchador class with a magic variant in the works!

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Grey Ladies

Kitbashed a Canoness - here's Jehann D'Arc of the Grey Ladies

Surrounded by the Sisters, if you peek in the back you can see a horde of Inquisitorial Henchmen and Goliath Gangers, as well as some Flagellants

I have some plastic fantasy Ogres that will make some good DIB DIB DIB DOB DOB DOB, and if I can keep my wits about me I ought to be able to start the Genestealer Cult and the modular board soon. Going to bash together a Penitent Engine maybe, too

The 3rd edition Catachans will probably become Cultists, maybe a squad of Veterans for the IG (501st Necromundan Irregulars)

My group is cooking up some campaign rules and it's looking to be a fun Summer for war gaming.  Alternating Kill Tean/Planetstrike/Battles with Space Hulk and the Armada game

time - all I need is time

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dark Angels Succesors vs Ultramarines

Librarian Brother Arthur the Red commanded a 1499 points Succesors (The Storm Crows?) force against Tigurius' Ultramarines, in a Contact Is Lost scenario.  Fairly open terrain, lots of good shootsy bits. The best investment was the Scouts - sniper scouts did fairly well in dicing, but the Assault Scouts held their own against some Veteran Assault Marines. The Vindicator is really the hero, having taken out a squad of Centurions and a Tactical Squad in two separate, earth-shattering shots.

My 5 man squad of tacticals communed with objective 1 (a classic Khorne Bloodletter that I gave Roy a while back) almost the whole game until turn 4 when they got into fisticuffs with some Terminators in from the warp.

Many good dicing moments for me, Roy got the shaft a couple times, some heroic assaults and fighting phases, a decent challenge.

An afternoon well spent, and we talked about gaming tables and campaign rules.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Army of the Robolich

The Robolich, Girilag Otokrin by name, spurs his forces to march across the Glassine Wastes.  His brain and CNS are heavily augmented with silicon and demon-technology, and encased in a Blue Vanadium Centipede Chassis which in some ways actually boosts his spell-casting beyond what a purely organic shell can manage. The necromantic powers he wields long ago wore down his flesh to greasy ash and dust.  Through decades of training and pushing the limits of available technology, his mind can contain up to 8 powerful incantations, or 12 lesser dweomers!

At this time leads the following (usually from the rear):

325 Zomborgs and 75 Buzzdrones (to convert fallen enemy to more Zomborgs)

150 Mongrelmen Irregulars with stub pistols and/or hatchets

70 Horned Kith/Beastmen with laser-rifles and hand weapons 

15 Asteroid-Farmed Black Trolls, high on combat drugs and hungry for flesh

12 Tentacule Floaters with Poisoned Beaks and Encryptor Flechettes

3 Stalking Mecha Gargants with Disintegrator Eyebeams and rending claws

At this time the horde is small but aggressive and fast-moving. If he takes the Shrine of the Red Martians and recovers the Necromodulator there, he can raise effectively unlimited undead in the form of Skeletons and Shriveled Wailers (who will all likely take up spears and swords). The next course would be to fire the engines on the Obsidian Ark and pack it with the surviving members of the horde and take Fed Station

Be Wary! for his enemy Thyle-Vus the Mad Evokatrix approaches and so there will likely be much Phlogiston Disturbance in the vicinity, and the usually placid tombs in this quadrant may roil and boil to un-life, again.

Her forces (mainly abyssal and para-elemental) will be detailed later, and random encounter charts provided.

(Note: GW makes some fun Beastmen that would be cool to convert, but I'd probably need to source almost everything else!  This will never come to fruition but I've seen great models that could fit, and it's a fun thought exercise for Space Dungeon)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day NPC - Hevath the Observer

Hevath the Observer

A Progenitor-era Wight, Hevath was long ago a man of Kran in the Icy Wastes - and a single-minded lieutenant of some renown for the icy King Helgaz Belkur.  He now stands watch in the dim recesses of a former telescope temple on the tomb-planet Nebulmor. 

In those dim days of blood and fire, the King tasked Hevath with a dire mission, to wend his way through the Crystal Peaks, infiltrate the Dwarf Home, and enter a little-used cavern.  He was to kill any who stood in his way, but not draw attention if possible.  There, Hevath was told, he ought to watch what he found, and wait there until given leave.  He could stay in contact with his Lord through a psionic amulet that required only a little life essence to maintain its magic.

Little did he know that Belkur had geased him to watch, but he went and found a boiling, roiling expanse of air through which he stepped, and then he was somewhere else.  And he watched what he found, there; namely, an image of a Ziggurat of Smoke and Flame, carried on the backs of a thousand cannibal-apes and a Keep of Soot and Ash.  He stood in wonderment and watched as glimpses of a young woman of smoke and a towering, sinister man left the battlements, and Hevath came to love and hate them both as kin.

And he watched, and he died a thousand thousand years ago.  His master was out of contact but this did not break his compulsion, and now his master has again contacted him and Hevath has told all he has learned in an eon of watching.  This is not much, truthfully, but the information is amusing and useful to Belkur who is more interested in the slave-apes than the smoke-and-ash father and his daughter (although it is recognized they must be sorcerers of some ability).

Hevath is an even-tempered and cool-headed thing, and will no longer slay those who approach outright unless they seem a threat.  He is more concerned with reaching and slaying the man and his daughter, or somehow destroying their smoky demesne.  Little does he know that the Ziggurat of Haon Reagan'Tor lies on a far-off Purple Planet - and he would not care if he knew.  He is only compelled to watch, and make his reports as his Master sees fit.

If the PCs demonstrate spell-casting ability of any kind in his presence, he will offer a trifling mission with no meaningful outcome, except the distinct possibility of their certain doom should they attempt it.  This solves two problems for him, to remove the PCs from his midst while he watches the ziggurat in the hopes of a glimpse of Haon and Ylill, and (should they return) then the party may be of use to Helgaz Belkur.  He may maneuver the PCs to find a way to break his geas, but he cannot attempt this openly or consciously owing to the strength of Helgaz Belkur's daemonomancy.

He can teach PC Wizards the Patron Bond spell, and will bond anyone of Level 2 or higher to Helgaz Belkur with a d24 on the roll, plus whatever Spellburn and Luck the PC may wish to add (only before the roll, though!)

Hevath the Observer: Init: +4; AC 17, MV 40, HD 6d10+6, HP 55, Atk melee +6 (Woundrime 1d10+4), Act 1d24; SP: Hit only by silver, blessed or magical weapons, Crushing Fear; SV Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +6; AL N.

The wraith knights of King Halgaz Bekur are semi-transparent men in the varied armor styles and helmets of northern warriors. The bluish skin of these creatures appears to be rotting. Their eyes burn with a cold blue light and they wield long, jagged black spears.  Hevath himself is darker hued than most, and his eyes are as hateful coals in a pile of dirty snow.  He wears the image of an antlered helm and ornate bone armor - both of which turned to dust and blew away an age ago.

However, Hevath's Frostblade is a material thing, and named Woundrime.  Any struck by it will need to make a DC 15 Will Save or suffer further 1d10 cold damage and the wound will never be free of ice until healed of 2 dice damage by magical means.  Hevath's mission was to find Haon's weaknesses and subvert his Kith-slaves to the service of The Wraith King, but in the meanwhile Helgaz Belkur was defeated; now that his master's power waxes again, it may be that his forces will march over Nebulmor before too long.

The amulet will put the wearer in direct mental contact with Helgaz Belkur, and cause madness and obsession, a shift in alignment to Chaotic, and the compulsion to watch and wait before acting in a concrete sense.  It feeds on the essence of the wearer, and will turn them to a kind of undead thing if they die while wearing it (even if they make a Turn Over the Body roll!).  Hevath's alignment is Neutral - but he has regained something of a sense of independence in his long years of observation and no longer feels affection for his former master, even though the geas holds as firmly as it always has.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scratch built Terrain Ideas

Spring is in the air, and my mind turns to spray paint fumes and running and typing. The Long Fog of Winter is lifting and maybe it's time to take up arms and go forth.

Since I've gotten Pinterest on the old digital addiction machine/portable phone set, I have been swimming in ideas for kitbashed Inq28 and Necromunda. First and foremost, need to put some legs on the table so's I can play on it.  That ought to take this Friday evening if The Weather holds.  Then, a mess of movable Trench/Plateau/Dunes/Pyramids 2'x2' tiles. Ought to be easy and can accommodate Necromunda and Mordheim play in addition to standard 40K stuff.

Objective Markers for City of Death (using my scrounged toys from the neighborhood hooligans' children!). I have a Generator-type thing just itching to get finished.

Incorporate my Sandy Bases theme from my existing lazy-man's army, and add the Genestealer Cult in as a techno-Old Worlde machinery/Hive Spire thing

Just a couple of random thoughts.

By The Imperator's Stones, Pinterest is full of crazy stuff and really gets the old juices flowing.

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