Sunday, March 6, 2016

Graffiti n Thoughtcrimes

I'm at work on griming up some scatter terrain for 'twas Leman himself that said a field of battle without LOS blocking terrain is merely a contest of purchasing power.  In the Apocrypha Attitudinalis Vol 4, pp 3435ff.

Coffee cans plus TLC makes coolant towers or promethium storage, but no ganger or cultist in his right mind would pass up the opportunity to flaunt the Emperor's dicta against self/expression on so pristine a surface

So: a purchase of some things at Michael's today : paint pens, fresh bottles of cyan and bright red to counteract all the Pthalo Green

The paint pens are in hot pink and cloud blue and a tiny one in white for filigree n shit.  I think if you're going to spray paint some stuff that you might get in trouble for you may as well make it stand out

Anyways: pictures of works in progress (always a work-in-progress in this sector)

I highly recommend oil/based paint pens for this task and maybe I can do some actual graffiti by hand in big spray bomb or something

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