Saturday, May 25, 2013

Burnt Offerings for your enjoyment. Flavour: Dungeon Crawl Classics

Here is a link to a Word 2003 DCC spell template, as close as I could come to the actual formatting of the book without nanometer rulers and laser-kerning calipers.  I have a couple of spells I'm fixing to convert so it's better than muckin' it up over and over.  You'll need the Duvall package and Adobe Garamond Pro to swank it up like I do, but hey.  There are alternates.  Also, Duvall is free - much love to Mr. Paul Lloyd who makes the things we read so classy.

note:  Between when I started this post and when I finished it, I sorted out Adobe Acrobat Pro and made an editable field-filled .pdf version for your happiness and general amusement.  If you use it, include #newdccspell and describe it in action or something.  That'd be cool.

Also, the finished Deep One Hybrid DCC player class.  Perform Dagon and Hydra's will on Aereth before you don your new form and take to the depths!

Working on game-system emulation, since I want to see some older games in action.  Nostalgia!  Mostly Atari 2600 stuff, (ahh Pitfall 2) but some other things.  Bushido Blade from the PSX.  I've got a fancypants desktop system from a couple of years back that'll run just about anything, so I'm excited about giving it a spin.

Below the Root.  Yeah.  I'll crank that up, too.  From the C64.

I think my eyes are bleeding from all this internetting and layout-laying.

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