Monday, March 17, 2014

Sneak Preview Teaser of HHSOLO1

Now with much light-hearted (but deadly nonetheless) Old Skool feels

Still mostly on track for late summer 2014 - this is a rough cover treatment that I'm trying to get together for inspiration - the art is by an amazingly fun illustrator named Sam Schultz who will even do some custom paper minifigs for you for a nominal fee.  (I'm not sure Sam still does it but you can take it up with him)

Check out Sam's stuff over thither:

Twitter(optional): @slamschultz
I have another surprise illustrator (besides me) that I'm mostly going to pee my pants about, but I ran into the real and thorny problem of money - which makes this kind of stuff pretty dicey.

Who woulda thunk that all this work and money goes into a thing up front?  Here's hoping that I can keep the wind in my sails and finish the text and the interior illustrations long enough to put out a first version, nevermind the deluxe version that I have in mind down the road (maybe better as a follow-up or sequel)

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