Monday, May 12, 2014

DCC Rogue's Gallery 1 : Henchpersons and Hirelings

Screwing around with Excel 2003 and InDesign CS4, I offer you a thing.

You ever need hirelings, schmucks, schmendricks, red-shirts, paeons, or the hoi polloi?

In a jiffy?

I threw this thing together while the baby was watching this Sesame Street thing that I no longer have the capacity to keep from playing in my head THANK YOU ERNIE YOU ORANGE BASTARD

Anyways, it's a 50-person Rogue's Gallery of DCC Henchmen/-women or Hirelings, or "Funnel Characters Who have not yet/will never graduate" but who might one day ascend into usefulness or be merely chopped into smithereens. Nobody sports HP better than 4, since I lack the wherewithal to learn how to do that in Excel since I have no technical juju but only a limited ability to immediately find what I need

Two characters are close approximations of some I have played as funnels, and one is just a wink wink

There was a column on the right in the original draft labelled "Condition" for when they were killed but it's not necessary.  Kill them, cross them off.  Print it again, change the names.  Who cares?  Meat for the grinder, grist for the mill.

These are Hapless Henchmen for you.  Maybe I'll make a bunch at a time going forward.

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