Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Table of Lost Dreams

(this was supposed to go in The LasRifle and Crowquill, my wargaming blog, but it didn't work out that way, so here you go:)

Been playing with the Beer and Bolters guys. Rekindled my excitement for winter projects, and before I go buying anything new I need to settle for finishing the shiznit I have on my plate already

As in, this some of this shiznit right here:

What you see is a bunch of IG (Cadians and Old Plastic Catachans), 2 squads of sisters, and a wacky mob of possible Inquisitorial retinue figs, the likes of which I forgot I had. The retinue boxed set was pretty spendy - seemed like at the time it was wasted money since nobody was really up for games where I was

Now, though, this retinue would absolutely work to put a dent in a certain cult of Nurgle worshipping motherfuckers that aren't fit to breath the air of this our fine planet. And like I was easing into play again real slow, but the way I had my ass handed to me the other day was mildly embarrassing and I hope Dave won't hold my inebriation nor my lack of skill against me since O how the brain circuits forget.

Here's an up close of the retinue (all the bases covered if I throw in the psy-cannon wielding grey knight as an acolyte - not sure if this is legit but with the psyocculum the retinue alone would hit psykers pretty seriously).

Last night I removed the plasma-cannon from the turret mount and am now ready to magnetize that puppy for ease of switcheroo-ing

Flee in Terror, Heretic!  now warm up the blessed promethium tanks, Muggins!  Although I love my DA successor chapter (still only The Nameless after 3 different rules sets) it feels like maybe time to concentrate on making the IG table-worthy.  I have maybe 6 10-man infantry squads worth of figs - I bet that if I could just FINISH PAINTING THEM ALL, that'd be great.  One squad of Ogryn and some rough riders would finish me off. Maybe another Leman Russ and a couple of Armored Sentinels. But that's it.

Maybe some shock troops or whatever they call them these days.  Yeah. Maybe Yarrick.  Man that would be terrific.  More tea, more time, and more money and I'm set.  And one of those shooty things at airplanes, and maybe a Valkyrie.

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