Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beginning (Tentative) January 2015 - The Hapless Henchman's HIDEOUS DEEPS Podcast

One thing experience has taught me is that 1) if it's not documented adequately, for liability purposes, it didn't happen so CYOA and 2) you'll forget every good idea unless you act upon it or write it down and 3) strict numerical accuracy is important but not necessarily critical and 4) you can trust everybody out there not to snatch up your cool idea and roll with it when you're too slow/feeble/busy to act upon it

So:  A podcast (podcats? eh?) where yeah yeah we all heard the actual play shit, and we all heard the roundtable thing but this is both of those chocolate and peanuts butter TOGETHER man, wherein the guest is the focus of the PLAY and also the focus of the DISCUSSION, the idea being STEAL THIS DUDES/LADIES judging/dm-ing juju via playing with them under very specific and loose but interesting conditions, namely

randomness, player-driven narrative style, and known rules-sets

So like a lot of folks go on and on about what is the OSR? why does the OSR? who can be is the what howcome the OSR? which, to my mind, is not as fun as LET'S PLAY THIS GAME THAT MAKES US FEEL

The idea being to see what a standard well-regarded or poorly-regarded/possibly widely despised judge will do AS A PLAYER under conditions of their choosing but the setting does not vary, namely A MF DUNGEON and it can be as gonzo or whatever as the player requires within their choice of ruleset.  The judge, in this other case (not the judge under scrutiny) being ME, and maybe I get to learn how to A) Play Better B) Judge Better 3) Edit Audio 4) shill my friends' in the community stuff and talk about the shit that interests us as DMs/players of RPGs

You stat yourself up, sir or madam as the case may be, name your rules-system, and off we go, together, one on one with your contingent of meatshields as needed, into a traditional Dungeon Setting that is stable and consistent and prompts us to MAKE A STORY TOGETHER with as much narrative leeway or flexibility or rigidity as your style and rules-set requires

I can do (adequately)

Dungeon Crawl Classics
Moldvay (also L/L, S&W, ACKS, whatevah)
ADD First Edition
Dungeon World
Star Frontiers
Gamma World
any number of fiddly little d100 based things
Several early Games Workshop Systems, including but not limited to Necromunda, WHFRP 1st edition, and maybe Inquisitor but WTF we'd need to work that out
Gamma World
Star Frontiers
I played a lot of Palladium stuff back in the day TMNT 4ever
I would even be willing to experiment with some FIASCO and (badly maybe but HOLY BALLS) In A Wicked Age
Your Choice of System, provided I can learn it within a compressed span

The dungeon start is stable and unchanging.  Your wing/delve/chunk is either pre-generated by other players, or else made ON THE FLY with an agreed-upon protocol, and OFF WE GO for a one-on-one session, with you AS you-in-game all Guardians of the Flame n-shit

then, we talk about the thing later, or not, as you like - and you shill a thing, review a thing, expound gaming philosophy, funny anecdote, MUST INCLUDE shill somebody else's thing in a fair and honest review and maybe I figure out how to get you a t-shirt, and the content we generate together posted to Your and My Blog, or whatever, and maybe if there's money or something we give it to charity

Fuck Yeah

I want a CoC version of my friend Paul to enter with some trepidation into the steamy under-sewers of the Hideous Deeps, with a snatch of a clue and some Grim Purpose, and we can cook up some neat stuff as we go, but this is not to exclude my other friends of course you should all enter into my horrible dungeon and then we can talk about what happened as your avatar of you died and etc

I'd even be willing to go myself a couple of times if needed...

Anybody bite that hook?

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