Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Aviary of The Contemptuous Saint - Into the Odd Challenge

Alex challenged me with this:

"Dungeon. 5 rooms minimum, 10 maximum. Max 3 pages, map included. Theme: birds. Everything should be pretty. Nothing can be ugly. Nothing can be gross. Everything's outward appearance should be pleasant and delicate. The place should nonetheless leave you feeling creeped out and uncomfortable. Include an Arcana that's a frescoe."

Whew!  A bit far afield from my usual dusty musty catacombs and sewage-filled tunnels, but this makes it all the more challenging!

More on that issue later.

For now, take this Monster and Arcanum as the first salvo in our Into The Odd duel, sir!

Slogging Faepog
These are simply chassis of Alumel and fine porcelain wired around a seething pickled Fairy.  Highly illegal in most multiverses, since the magical fae battery that powers and motivates it is a breach of the 1876 French-Alfgrimnean Paranormal Torture Conventions. Any Fae creatures that see these monotonous abominations will become unhinged and attack immediately.  The Faepog can complete simple tasks and carry non-heavy items, and are often used as couriers and laborers when the tasks are delicate and non-pressing.  In the presence of cold iron, the magic that suppresses their natural chaotic whimsy begins to degrade, and they can become spiteful and violent in the manner of a belligerent drunk. To create one, start with a stout sealable jar, some fine brandy, and a pixie, nixie, sprite or smallish elf.

HP 4, Armor 1, attacks with pointy digits for 1d6.  If the jar is broken, the fae critter inside will retreat and tattle on everybody involved.

Arcanum: Merfolk Pennywhistle that when blown, the user can walk through water as if it were air for as long as the whistling continues - however they will drown in air and can swim through it for the same duration.  The whistling trebles the chances for random encounters owing to its shrillness and may arouse the ire of Dagon and Neptune

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