Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SPACE DUNGEON - Small Business Tuesday

Carl - owner of Carl's CloCloCloning

Carl is a Dralasite, and a quite handy bio-mancer.  With the smallest piece of tissue, he can grow you a mindless clone that has the equivalent memories of a like-new baby-thing, and there's a couple of new concerns cranking up to install memories into clones (wildly expensive just now!). Carl doesn't have that capability and only does the meat side of things, and mostly humans and Yazirians but dwarves and elf-like races are a special treat for him.  He won't clone a Dralasite for religious reasons except for a lot a lot a lot of money - like quintuple.  He's happy to provide referrals for memory-installers and indeed the folks at the local Rekall branch give a discount for a referral from him (and a nice kick-back to Carl)

Anybody can get a like-new clone of their favorite person or themself delivered in a week or two (so, 1 session later) but you need to reroll Intelligence and Personality and Luck, and change occupation to 'Clone' and cost depends upon 'How bad did you blow the turn the body over roll?' or 'what killed you and by how much?'  Elves lose all spells, as do Wizards!  Patrons may take exception to being cheated this way (and it's unclear if a soul comes with the clone but it'll depend on hilarious circumstance).  The bond for a clone can never be as high as the original Patron Roll the primary being had, until that original is dead for realsies.

D100xd20, with a special discount for Demi-humans (a d12 instead for the factor). Wildly Non-bipedal or exotic races or inherently magical ones are likely more but Carl takes it in stride. A very low price (like if you get Lucky on the d100) means that some defects are bound to occur, maybe a corruption or a couple of mercurial effects or something more fun (the threshold is about 100 creds).  Maybe that batch of aminos had expired, or something.

You can pay ahead of time, in which case Carl can take a tissue sample (brain works better, but hey) and you Spellburn some permanent damage and Carl keeps it on liquid nitrogen for your eventual demise and you don't need to worry about corruption and mishaps since he calibrates the PCR chambers and the in-house AI writes some DNA poetry as well as she can.  Velma, by name, who/which is weakly protected from hacking owing to Carl's being mystified by the whole silicon thing.

Velma is vindictive and sometimes makes clones just to mess with people that cruise her firewall and Carl imagines this is great fun - Velma's slam hounds once took out the whole board-room of NeoGroin Testicle Repair because she scanned their IP signature as she was cloning some third-rate low-G porn star


They say he picked up her crystalline AI core in the tomb of a hideous evil necromancer, but he might have bought it off the surface. He doesn't recall very clearly, anymore, and anyways she works pretty nicely for what she does.

Carl will also buy raw materials and chems and occasional samples (don't push it) and a side-hobby is poisons and toxins but he doesn't sell those. 

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