Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Goals Against Malaise

I am strangely energized and also enervated; I have a million ideas (some good ones maybe) and all I want to do is sleep. I have no interest in pursuing them NOW, too much physical recovery and emotional blankness


A random node-crawl for CoC; as suggested by an interaction I had with maybe +Cedric Plante. He asked for CoC without all the burdensome investigation (maybe what he wants is Pulp with Mythos elements)

I have the urge to return to unfinished projects - the classes for DCC that everybody prompted me with last year

The Space Dungeon events/shop charts

a bunch of reviews. I think it shameful that my friends have all these great things and I don't gush about them enough. My purchases have been limited since October - money's tight like everybody in America - but there's a huge backlog  of stuff to shout out about

Updates and ideas about more weapons for Space Dungeon, and some more races. I'm struck by the amount of space-themed stuff coming out for DCC at the moment and I think it's a positive thing.

Alex's challenge for Into the Odd (the dungeon awaits and is ready but lacks a sweet map)

Some updates on Alfgrim and Sir Maledoric Goreson

Obviously, now that HHSOLO1 is out, I am done (mostly). I think I may do a character sheet for it (the ones included are sort of chintzy IMHO but I haven't got the skill nor drive of late to make a good one so I made it utilitarian)

There's a sequel in my brain - The Ominous Alloy

I've got a fun idea for a podcast - gotta figure out the technical side but it's a sound premise

more on that later. I put these things here to remind me and maybe have some document of self-declared goals (which I find helps, and I tell people to declare these things and work toward them)

I am weary and heart sore and these things need to wait. Fatherhood and being a husband are terrific, and I'm a decent friend but I cannot commit, these days, to ongoing long projects and characters and campaigns that other people might be invested in. I feel like getting people hooked on cool things and then not following through with that is maybe a disservice to people I like

not flaking out or checking out - The blog and G+ will likely be as active as ever but other things (e.g. campaigns new and old) probably ought to simmer rather than boil

anyway, here's a record of goals and I will do my best to follow through soon

Rest In Peace, Grandpa

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