Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cairn Golem for Space Dungeon: A to Z challenge

C is for cookie, and that's good enough for me, but that don't make no sound in Spessss

It's late.  I dig the notion of unrecoverable, single-delve disposable dungeons.  The kind I been doing, of late, are chock full of Necromancy and Super-Science, since I dig undead, and I dig ray-guns, and I dig bubble-helmets and rampaging robots.

So randomly generated is great, but that block of stone you see on top of that thing that keeps you from getting in it and the sweet sweet loot that's underneath is dull.  Been done before.

I had a couple of good ones, so far, in the Space Dungeon campaign.  The first one was a gate that was tied to multiple dungeons, and you could get to new ones by switching the glyphs on the front and smearing it with bodily fluids.  We forgot about it, I think.  Lost in the shuffle.

This is a Cairn Golem, a big jumbly or alternately well-constructed guardian at the front steps.  Maybe not just the steps but also the gate and the grave marker, and positively brimming with lasers and crushing maws and paws, and a one-track mind designed to not-permit-you-to-enter

Like ED-209, but magical and made of expensive rock.

Missed my time frame on this.

18 HP, 3 Points ablative armor.  2d6 crushing fists, 1d10 maw.

If both fists hit the same target, you can still wiggle free with a fort save (DC12) but otherwise, it's going to chew you into a fine red paste and maybe keep your skull for decor on the front stoop.

BTW it's the front stoop.  It looks like a big pile of slightly-dressed stone, arranged in the manner of a forbidding entrance and when you come near (or alternately when you've brought something out) then BAM


Now for bed

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