Thursday, May 14, 2015

New DCC/RPG Projects

A one trick pony am I:  I announce another DCC Solo Gamebook in the works right now.  I know, I know.

The other thing (probably first) is a multiplayer follow-up to HHSOLO 1, with some satirical Black Humor for good measure.  Political commentary.  Since it seems the way of things, I think my layout will go easier if going forward I just shoot for 6x9 format for everything - this presents both freedoms and constraints, but at least I won't need to retrofit a book down from 8.5x11, again.  I think since the demand was high, everything going forward will be paper first, and digital as a bonus or freebie.

The second thing is HHSOLO2, a solo DCC book just for Thieves.  Of course, now I know what works and what don't, I won't necessarily limit it to just Thieves, but thieving may be the focus of it.  Sure, there'll be a little bit for everybody but you'll not get deep down to the Heart of the Thing unless you're a Thief.

ominous foreshadowing?
This isn't going to be just hard in the way that HHSOLO1 is, it'll also TEST your Thieving Skills, and similar to a couple of other old-timey gamebooks there'll be a system of memory (maybe just a check-list) and I'm saying I don't mind bragging about stealing liberally from some of the concepts laid out in Mad Monks of Kwantoom by +Kabuki Kaiser.  Which, really, is maybe the most curry-filled and exotic thing I think I've ever played around with in bits and snippets.  And, I point out, I haven't looked at a single Secret without being directed to do so directly.

I will work on my 40K table and the Genestealer Cult here and there, as I am able.  And I'm running a Purple Planet game biweekly starting a month ago or so, and it appears to be taking of (at least on paper).

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