Thursday, July 9, 2015

Archaeodata Scavenging

If you are curious about these matters, as I am, Audacity will import as Raw Data many of the .PCM files of the old 1993 Space Hulk game with the following settings:


sample rate: 8000 (I think it was a telephony standard at the time)

Default Endianess

I get some better results if I ignore the first 8 bytes of the data, but YMMV

Sadly, they added the echo effect to the Captain's (unnamed, but I think he's a succesor of Dark Angel Deathwing Terminator Captain Lithonius) voice at the data level and not with some effect so you get what you get. The upshot is that once I figure out how to compile audacity with batch-processing, I can rip out all the clips (and other sound effects although they are terrible, mostly) and make my own little debriefing things. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would do this, but there you are.

2 things occurred to me:

1) it's probably easier to get a mic and do the whole thing myself in my bathroom.
B) it's probably easier to hack out the sounds from the new version of Space Hulk on Steam than it is to dicker around with 22 year old DOS files, but hey.  everybody needs a hobby.

I even have this software that will do lip-syncing for animation cells, provided you have the text.  About 5 or 6 years ago (possibly more) I did a quick screen test with an Anime Studio character and a ripped sample of the game and it worked pretty spiffily.  I probably still have it on Snapfish or that other thing, ehh, that site where you keep dead photos from college.  Photobucket.  Ehhh. Whatever it is.

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