Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spray Paint and Vinyl Sludge

I'm high on the Emperor's Will

Warmish day = hurry up and project. If I can combine these fumes with some beer then I'll be primo

Carved up the MDF with the Dremel, speckled 'em and laid down a base coat. Ran out of everything I have, except sand able white auto body primer, so I'll need to give it another go when it warms up and I can get a few minutes

Also glossy coated the first one after giving it a metal-finger painted rush-job treatment, so when that's dry tonight I will hit it with ink and sludge and rust and such

Probably top off the white one with some black oil paint tomorrow AM; pretty sure I have a can of that downstairs somewhere. Next need a convincing method for "blacktop" asphaltum; probably like black with a dusting of gray and a teeny hit of white, and of course lane dividers in yellow

This has a 4 way intersection, a bend, and a straightaway section of street



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