Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weird Americana HH Monographs

I am working out an effective (to me) and easy-on-the-eyes 6x9 (possibly poorly layed-out objectively and subjectively) little thing.  I call it a monograph style, but these aren't REAL PLACES, they are only little locales for use in games.

The feel and flavor is a little bit DCC, a little bit Wampus Country by my associate and pal +Erik Jensen . Something like Wind in the Willows, Bioshock, and Thundarr smooshed together.  I'm going to offer them on G+ as feeblies/freeblies as I diddle with them, and maybe if there is a good response then to gussy them up and offer them as PWYW on RPGNow.

Just as motivation for myself, and if anybody bites the hook and Pays What They Wants, then it allows me to use that as credits for buyin' other peoples' stuff.  I think it's a fair idea, on paper.

Anyway, the setting and the actual adventures are implied rather than explicit, and revealed in small bits in the descriptions of NPCs and monsters. This last one I cooked up on a slow workday is more sort of Deep Ones/Crawdads/Academia than anything else, but I forget why I made it that way.  The thing is inspired by frequent dreams of mine where I am wandering around a U.F./F.S.U. simulacrum of 20+ years gone by, fretting about missed classes and the state of my apartment... Why did I always miss class? Well, Professor, it's like I told you, some nefarious beings made me forget.  Can I get a passing grade rather than a flat F? For the record I never tried this approach after the first time I tried it because, uh, lesson learned.

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