Tuesday, January 9, 2018


(started sometime around Christmas 2017) 

+Dunkey Halton's I Do Not Remember That Move blog - suggestive rather than explicit. There's a dungeon generator in there that I love

(note, it's this: http://henrycjc.com/rememberdismove/dungeon2.cgi?rooms=10 in which the number at the end is the number of 'rooms' or areas you wish to generate - don't expect it to fully make sense, but DO expect it to brighten up some lobes in your brain for a second or 10)

Dungeon Generators and nonsensical procedural generation as a positive rather than a negative

The appeal of novelty, unexpected incongruence, and exploration.

MASHUPS and recombination

Spelling variations stolen from german words : The umlaut.  Like, what if a Dragon ist really ein DragU:n with an umlaut, there where the 'u' is? Like a Dragon with a GUN for the head or tail or legs? Eh?

the AE character (i always like that character and it makes me happy to use it in texts, especially with IM Fell font and OpenType features)

(1/9/18 it's good to return to these notes on an irregular basis so that I can renew those neuronal linkages. these ideas have merit, still, but I am not yet returned to the frame of mind necessary to compleat them!)

I wonder what your most recent blog post dungeon bullshit power trip would sound like if you translated it to German or Dutch or Romanian and then back again?


Why do I ask? I dunno. Give a try you lout!

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