Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dungeon Sigil Method for Fast Relief of Aches and Stress

So I have hinted, in the past, at my Austin Osman Spare-inspired HURRY UP I NEED A DUNGEON method. Please note, a little knowledge is a little danger, and of course whatever you summon be prepared to put down.

Holy Moley! Guacamole!
At least, it makes a map very quickly when you're in a tight spot. Let us say that your party of PCs abandons the adventure they are currently on, the one you planned to run, when they find a map to some far-away spot.

It has happened to you in just this way, yes?

You may find that explorations of the Chao are not to your liking, and so I do not give you links, yes, but merely a sidelong glimpse at the method of dungeon sigilization

Suppose you have need.  You make a wish


according to the methods of Mr. Spare, above, you may cross out repeating letters in your phrase. In this case it will give you something such as this:

And connecting the remaining letters together artfully and forgetting the whole thing altogether is the only piece that takes skill, and you may exclude that last part if you are not casting a spell but only imaginarily emobdifying your intent.

Please note, there are technical errors in the above (for example I left in the H when it ought to have been left out).

Such is the poor practice of an unwashed and unlettered CKXaosian initiate.

I use the sigil to make a map on graph paper if I need to, and then key it in the Moldvay style which does not bear repeating. I generally stock these with one trap, at least, some undead, maybe a spider variant because we all agree that such are suitable. Whatever smatterings of imaginary treasure you might be inclined to include are between you and your demigod of choice. Forbearance is better than too much treasure which is apt to derail the entirety of the game. I have a very interesting font somewhere that I have used this method with and set the kerning and spacing to less than 0 and it practically draws an oubliette for you, but harnessing the spirits of the machine this way is heretical to some. Do as you will when you make a deathtrap is maybe too on the nose. We in the U.S. value diligence, efficiency, etc. ad nauseam but craftsmanship is often more highly prized for Calvinist reasons.

Get thee hence, I geas thee, and make a dunjon for thyself. Look up the ways of AOS if you are inclin'd, or not, it is less than nothing to me and I scoff at your efforts and laugh at your death cries!

Why do you tarry? Get thee hence!

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