Thursday, June 20, 2019

Imperial Dauntless

Working on this model for going on 4 years. It's been built, like forever, but I've never used it in a game or finished painting, basing, or detailing it with gizmos or greebles. Needs a good rear turret, a virus-bomb, or maybe bio-wire, or something. Probably some terrible extra armor. I will probably mock something up in tinkercad to finish it up.

It's this kit, which I picked up at Michael's on a lark, and since I figured the scale is about right, and I figured I'd never EVER drop the Zorkmids on GW/Forgeworld air-support, I thought I'd use my extra sentinel pilot and bash summat together.

Will make a .PDF for some Oldhammer-style rules, too.

It's got little magnets in the wings so's you can switch out weapons if you need.

I figure that this is a last-ditch effort for a local down-on-its-luck Guard unit to muster some air presence in the face of superior firepower...

Also, I got this off my 3D printer this morning:

The Emperor Protects

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