Monday, October 21, 2019

Possibly-influential DnD texts

I don't know if this has been batted back-n-forth, but I was thinkin' about the stuff that Gary and the boys n girls mighta been readin' back in the day and the influence of sci-fi and sci-fantasy and pop culture on the nascent DnD. How do I incorporate the weird world, thinning barriers, and dream influence more fully into my creative process?

Here's my pinterest board about my dream geography

Anywho, amongst other things that crossed into my threshold of awareness was a book called A Treasury of Witchcraft by Mr. Harry Wedeck who appears to have been a right-polymath in the classical sense. I'm surprised I havent come acrostik before. I would bet that some of the thaumaturgy/goetic magic diagrams and such that appear in the 1e DMG were prolly lifted right from this book, but I haven't unwrapped it yet from its mailer. The reason is because I gave in to a impulse buy sort of synchronistically since at the time I was thinking about this issue (prompted by another book buy) I was also listening to a podcast about sinister forces afoot in NJ who mayen't/mayve killed a young girl in a magickal sacrifice (or possibly accidentally? is my hunch)... [see, for more information, the murder of Jeanette De Palma in 1972 in Springfield, NJ and the weird circumstances that surrounded it) Try these: Double Date with Death, Death on The Devil's Teeth

Also, got a one called Dragons, Unicorns, And Other Magical Beasts by Palmer and Bolognese which I had as a boy but sadly absconded with it from the library - my right-hearted grandma Anne probably had to pay the overdue/replacement fee to Miami Springs Public Library but this one had such great linotype/woodcut art and had such terrifying images that I could not bear to part with it on purpose, although between then and now (something like 35 years or more?) I lost my physical copy but not the image of the Barghest which it contains...

Reading/read: Steven Newton and crew's Creep, Skrag, Creep! for DCC which is a sound funnel almost like the movie Alien in its horrific simplicity and ably done. I think it's a little light in terms of what it gives you for most modern sensibilities (so many unaddressed questions!) but it's not a bug for me, that's a feature

Inquiring into: Jacques Vallee, Liminal Earth, and Frederick Barbarossa (this link is a psyke-out!)

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