Tuesday, March 3, 2020

rANDOM VanciaN SpelLS

At one time a thousand or more runes, spells, incantations, curses, and sorceries had been known. The reach of Grand Motholam—Ascolais, the Ide of Kauchique, Almery to the South, the Land of the Falling Wall to the East—swarmed with sorcerers of every description, of whom the chief was the Arch-Necromancer Phandaal. A hundred spells Phandaal personally had formulated—though rumor said that demons whispered at his ear when he wrought magic. Ponticella the Pious, then ruler of Grand Motholam, put Phandaal to torment, and after a terrible night, he killed Phandaal and outlawed sorcery throughout the land.

I'll give you a shout out on the brand new Hapless Henchman podcast if you toss me back a description of one of the spells below, spat out dutifully by the chained daemons I have crammed into Tablesmith. I really love the idea that players don't just cast 'Light' but rather 'Emirikol's Lingering Burst of Photonic Energy"and that sort of thing. Anyways, this is a jumbled up mess of a couple of original tables and a couple of built-in ones, plus maybe the old Maze Rats 1e magic system?

I don't know. I should better document my torturous researches.

  1. Vasberdyke's Shroud of Salt
  2. Reflecting Nectar of Hathoheri
  3. Baryah's Sun Helix
  4. Laeral's Legendary Gifting Fountain
  5. Inculcation Eye of Satmosketreneru
  6. Futharan's Charm of Crawling Phantasms
  7. Charm of Comely Numbing of Haptutebi
  8. Minor Rabid Elemental of Maglaghut
  9. Hungry Column of Kandive
  10. Greater Charm of Black Overthrowing
  11. Silken Elemental of Musta
  12. Mazirian's Sickly Gush
  13. Nahal's Moldy Inflammation
  14. Greater Teetering Ray
  15. Maximillian's Defilement Whisper
  16. Golokhee's Blasphemous Summoning of the Enragement Daemon
  17. Loimalto's Legendary Loquacious Officious Coil
  18. Legendary Fastidious Warm Whisper of Mutile Serepah
  19. Incendiary Scaly Cube of Sobor
  20. Esemher's Crystalline Elemental
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