Friday, November 20, 2020

Psuedorandom Dungeon Friday

I added some non-repeat indicators for certain sections of my Dungeon Maker code - so there ought to be more unique encounters within the dungeons - not monsters/NPCs because repeats of those give rise to factions - but fewer repetitive traps and trappings. Here's a 30 room, 1st level dungeon for you:


  1. There is A Tombac toe ring, set with a rose quartz, worth 600 gold coins concealed here, stored in chests.
  2. There is a broken scientific equipment, that will grants a Wish Fulfillment, but Reversal and hidden 6 Bloodstone 75gp, here.
  3. The oily corpse of a Dwarf lies here, with axe and faded leather coat.
  4. 4 Acidic Lily Pads subtype Space, hidden antique coins worth 724 GP divided into small coffers, and a trap: Arrow Trap. The party sustains d20+5 attacks with 1d6 damage.
  5. A Sonic Harmonizer inflicts silence on whole party for 2d6 turns keeps the antique coins worth 76 GP safe.
  6. There is 15 Tiger Eye 10gp concealed here, stuffed into sacks.
  7. 4 Viper Snakes, hidden An ornate Calamine Brass pauldron, set with trilobite fossil, worth 1750 gold coins in large stone containers, and a trap: Monomolecular Scythe that attacks everyone in party as a Level 1 Fighter for d20 damage, with crits decapitating as a Vorpal Sword.
  8. 2 Elf Warriors, a barrel, and hidden treasure Potion of Poison and 513 GP.
  9. The room has a Rust Glyph, forcing a DC 17 Wisdom save or lose all non-magic metallic items. The trap is attached to a seemingly-innocuous unidentifiable odor.
  10. This room is spotlessly clean and free of dust. In the corner, there is a BEYOND THIS POINT, Spider Swarm ATE Garnet Fuddnery in spraypaint.
  11. There is an a very tidy resting spot is nestled in an out of the way part of this room, complete with water and toilet facilities here.
  12. The room has a thick spiderwebs. The trap is attached to a seemingly-innocuous rivulet.
  13. 5 Morlock Warriors, a chute, and hidden treasure 12 Amber 100gp.
  14. There are 3 Viper Snakes and a pedestal, in this room.
  15. 5 Viper Snakes subtype Nega-, a stairs up, and a trap: Hail Of Needles. It deals 10 attacks per PC as fighter of Level 1 doing 5 damage each.
  16. 1 Androids guard 169 GP. The treasure is tied in bags.
  17. 2 Dire Rats, a weapon rack, and hidden treasure Communicator Functions on 1-4 in 20.
  18. There are 4 Human Warrior Skeletons subtype Ghoul and a stall, in this cramped room.
  19. There is a statue from an ancient civilization, that convert the victim to worship of Saint Agilus here.
  20. Shocker Lizard subtype Flesh, a dome, hidden antique coins worth 837 GP , trapped with: Monomolecular Scythe that attacks everyone in party as a Level 1 Fighter for d20 damage, with crits decapitating as a Vorpal Sword.
  21. 3 Morlock Warriors, a stool, and a trap: Mummy Rot Powder. The party must pass DC 16 Constitution save or all be cursed as per a mummy.
  22. Spider Swarm subtype Mutant, a divan, and a trap: Mud Glyph, forcing a DC 13 Dexterity save or the party members will be mired in this room for 6 turns.
  23. Spider Swarm guard antique coins worth 2 GP . The treasure is scattered on the floor.
  24. 11 Piranha Butterflies, an ore smelter, hidden antique coins worth 429 GP , trapped with: Radiation Field Projector, forcing a DC 17 Constitution save or victim gains random major corruption.
  25. 2 Medium Monstrous Centipedes, a loose masonry, and hidden treasure Potion of Water Breathing and antique coins worth 317 GP .
  26. There are Krenshar and a recess, in this room.
  27. There are 2 Vegepygmy Warriors and a stairs up, in this room.
  28. The party can encounter 4 Viper Snakes, here.
  29. A Tachyon Bolt, forcing a DC 19 Dexterity save or the victim ages d20 years keeps the Scroll of Ward against Undead and antique coins worth 572 GP safeguarded.
  30. There is a large demon idol from an ancient civilization. Genuflecting to it activates a releases a spray of ancient coins worth 1351 - half are counterfeit or token money here.

p.s. subtypes I put in to vary up the monsters and keep players on their toes, just kind of templates added on to normal monsters. Some are kind of fun like "shadow" and "nega-" and "space" but anyeways

p.s.s. the code makes lots of stuff to play with, even though it's not always sensible, with the idea being that human interventions and edits will turn weird and unplayable entries into something fun at the table

Acidic space lily pads? I simultaneously want to jump on/vaporize these

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