Thursday, January 26, 2023

It all comes down to this - Mordheim with pals

My buddy Gene made a big-ass, beautiful Mordheim table and pronounced a month-long campaign!

So I figure my hobby life, modest skill-building, and acquisition of tools and material goods and social connections have probably led up to this moment in a sense. My heart is glad and I will post pictures from tonight's last Thursday's game with a secret guest-star from the G+ days!

editore's noatationes: The secret guest star was Eric Hoffman of HoffCon over from Black Powder/Black Magic and other ttrpg ventures from DCC! but I posted the pics to FB/instagram. I had not seen him since 2018!

The night was full of foolhardiness and in one game I made so many armor saves I lost count. Krazy Karl the champion dove at a witchhunter's wardog from 2 stories up but garnered an Old Battle Wound, instead. The dog went on to badly maul the Youngblood Hanzy - who sadly got Multiple Injuries - leading to Survives Against The Odds and Hand Injury, so Hanzy is now the crossbowman trading off his spear to Friedrich. The rest of the team did about as well as could be expected, with lots of armor saves against witchhunter fire and ire. What started out as a chance to shoot the head witchhunter and his dogs like fish in a barrel turned hilariously awkward as they happened to be hiding in the very hilltop mortuary acropolis from which my team was shooting! So took my two casualties and bugged out, as his dogs woulda chewed through my archers pretty darn quick.

Afterward, we found an old trinket Shop in the ruins and a Lucky Charm but nothing else inside (still a nice roll of a '6'!). Used the money from the sale of wyrdstone to purchase Holy/Blessed Water and 10 Garlic, since I anticipate running into Undead or Chaos (although there are plenty of Sisters, Witchhunters, and other Mercs around).

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