Friday, October 31, 2014

Sir Maledoric Journeys to The Autumn Tourney in Normandie

The modest train of an Alfgrimnean Knight Errant arrives near the tourney grounds.  It is late, and the air is misty, offering no solace.  Boots are changed and dried near the fire.  Dogs are beaten.  The soup pot swings out over the fire, and a rich broth of salamander bones and kappa heads is started, with local mushrooms (not as stout as the cook is used to but one must not complain, for St. Roch listens for complaints).  The baggage cart is loaded with heavily spiced foods and gifts for the tournament organizers, pewter flagons and ornate China-ware flasks of rare poisonous perfumes.

Maledoric's Heraldry
 "We journeyed through Thrend, observing the Keep of the dead wizard Halthrag.  My master sent me to make contact with a lawyer in Marbourg, nearby, in the matter of a patent upon a clockwork pleasure doll.  I find the place intolerably boring, and devoid of the picturesque charm of similar places in, say, Averoigne.  The River Nymphs there are as fetching as I'd heard but they were leery of our advances and we could not coax them with jewels or perfumes.  And I spotted the spoor of a Manticore; an adult I would wager it.

I have journeyed far through the mists to take part in these noble tests, to corrupt the noble of spirit, to debauch, and to subtly spread the worship of Roch the Plague Saint (the guise of the hideous nether god Nevrovolant that lives far beneath the surface of Averoigne)

I bring in tow the wastrels Muraude, Hambline, Guretch, and Vreltz - these men are of no account and search for orphans and women of low character to bring into our cult.  There is also Albert d' Boruche, a deep-gnomish cook who is prone to use partly poisonous mushrooms in his cuisine.  He is often besotted, and is said to be an emasculate

Then there is Tiberthe, my aide and acolyte and squire - liberated from the Serpent Men of Golaire.  He hates the Catholic orthodoxy and all Lawful Holy Men.

Wormwood is my trusty, flea-bitten hound.  A million fleas and he gives a few to each man he passes!  Wormwood is the most generous of all dogs, for he gives and gives and gives and gets only beatings and rotten turnips in return.  An occasional haunch rabbit, of course, although he often has trouble distinguishing hobbettes from rabbits.  Of no consequence.

I ride Gurailtz, a thing in the rough shape of a horse, with scaly skin, beady reptilian eyes, a whip-like tail, and a preference for elfin flesh in the morning and Belladonna wine before he beds down at night.

Find me in the woods, seeking out Amanitas and the trail of the King of the Forest - it's said he has a spell to grant for those who will bring him pens and ink.  I raised the ire of the Lord of the Hunt some weeks ago and so must avoid the outdoors at night.  I generally keep to my tent then, pining over the eldest nameless woman in the retinue of a noble knight that competed here in the summer.  Seek me out for perverse religious knowledge, twisted from the Latin Vulgate of the Sorcerer Jerome."
Knight Name: Sir Maledoric Goreson
Player Name: Noah Stevens
Class/Level: Cleric/2 (XP 2290 in LLAEC, but played again in DCC)
HP: 9
AC: 3 base(5 modified)

Str: 15
Int: 16
Wis: 10     LUCK: 10 (DCC)
Dex: 6      AGI:6 (DCC)
Con: 11     STA:11 (DCC)
Cha: 15     PER:15 (DCC)

Horse: Gurailtz, A reptilian demiwolf (A heavy warhorse)
Armor Worn: Plate, yellow dragon and chalice themes (plate was won in the last tourney)
Shield Type: Wooden Kite Shield
Armed with a meteoric iron broad sword, an envenomed kris, and an obsidian mace

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