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Jonah Hex for DCC/Transylvanian Adventures

As promised, you yellow bellied dogs.  Now, dance!

Jonah Hex is a wandering scoundrel and anti-hero, former Confederate Cavalry-man and Apache brave.  He subsists as a gun-for-hire and bounty hunter, travelling the Weird West leaving death and corpses in his wake.  Grievously scarred and practically missing half of his face, Hex regularly encounters criminal elements and hostility.  Despite his self-centered and bleak outlook he is generally a hero for the Common Man and the Downtrodden Innocent and is particularly kind to children and women.  In addition to the scum that he brings to justice, he often brushes against the worst parts of the supernatural and weird, facing spirits and extra-terrestrial horrors in his travels.  For a time he travelled through the post-apocalyptic future owing to the machinations of his enemies, and even served otherworldly powers after his physical death.

JONAH HEX (Neutral Level 5 Warrior/Scoundrel Analog)

AC: 15 HP: 55

Strength      15 (somewhat stronger than average, and an iron grip)

Agility         17 (supernaturally quick, and an excellent marksman)

Stamina       16 (very durable but not disease- or poison- or whiskey-proof)

Intelligence 14 (cunning and clever)

Personality  14 (facial disfigurement but men and women follow him readily)

Luck           17 (The Luck of the Devil himself!)

I imagine his lucky roll would be something like: Back From the Dead (bonus to Turn Over the Body rolls, but if Transylvanian Adventures rules are used, see below).

Almost always armed, but a capable unarmed hand-to-hand fighter.

A Bowie Knife (1d8) or A Cavalry Sabre (1d10)

A Colt Navy Revolver (1d4+1 squared) OR a Colt Single Action Army (1d4+1 Squared) OR a .357 Blackhawk (1d6+2 squared)

Sometimes he carries a Tomahawk (1d8)


Hangman’s Humor: If a Ruin point is accumulated by him for whatever reason, then Jonah may elect to make an inappropriate joke and spend a Luck point and shift the Ruin point to another PC or NPC (in which case it may not have any effect at all).  The “victim” may make a Will Save at Jonah’s current Luck score to avoid it. If Ruin points are not used, then Jonah can opt to make the joke anytime a Save is called for, and gets a +1D bonus to the next roll AFTER the save. The joke has to be a snappy one-liner, appropriate for the context, and delivered immediately.  Chaotic beings and people save at -2D to avoid the Ruin acquisition.

Lucky Bastich: Any time Jonah eats a hot meal, sleeps comfortably, drinks whiskey or other spirits, or engages in physical affection with a woman, he accrues +1d3 Luck to his maximum, in addition to whatever other modifiers and consequences might apply.  His Luck does not regenerate otherwise.

What Happened to Your Face, Mister? Any PC or NPC can ask Hex what happened to his face, which triggers a Gallows Humor opportunity, but in this case Jonah distributes a Ruin point to all who hear the joke (everyone at the bar, at the card tables, and the barkeep, for instance).  If Ruin is not used, then Jonah instead gets +2D to a roll of his choice, which he may hold for anytime within the session.  These bonuses do not stack, BUT the opportunities accumulate.  Everywhere he goes, bodies pile up behind him.

White Hot Death: In addition to regular Mighty Deeds as a Warrior of his level, if Jonah slays an enemy with a pistol then he immediately can make another Mighty Deed attack at his full Action Die, until his ammunition runs out, and then can follow the last shot with a melee attack with no penalties for unarmed or improvised weapons.  He uses full Action Die for dual-wielded pistols without penalty.

He’s also skilled with setting traps and deadfalls, and makes these and any Thief-based skills with his full Action Die and stat-based bonuses.  In addition, he gets a +6 bonus to any tracking- or hunting-related DC rolls, and any tests of horsemanship.

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