Monday, June 23, 2014

A Mere Pen-Stroke (a list of plans, short term goals, whathaveyou)

I have to sleep tonight, to sleep and dream of greasy, ravenous, treacherous bandit leaders that may or may not be were-animals, and also an encounter with an interdimensional critter trapped in a field of churning magical energy and desperate to get home

These two encounters and the various choices attached to them are all that I require to finish my thing, at least the text part of it.  I guess I can submit the whole to GG maybe this week once I've put it down and edited it and kicked it around the yard some.

The art is going smoothly and some pieces await scanning and sizing to the right dimensions, but I am now (as they say sometimes) in the home stretch.  Being able to do some stuff digitally is a godsend

Gotta review the guidelines for submission to RPGNow for digital version (8.5 x 11) - remind me to figure out how to use the entry numbers as bookmarks in the PDF

Also, the 6x9 format of the printed book will be fun, I hope

To make up space in the front I think I will probably foist up a map up Thrend, where the action of the thing takes place in my own little DCC campaigns

The map of the adventure will go in the standard Judge/Party version of the thing, since now the whole of Halthrag Keep, the Weeping Woods around it, and the nearby minor city of Marbourg lives in my mind's eye as completely as any real place I've been.

Maybe I will release the bestiary soon as a freebie for DCC.  Hmm.

After I finish this beast, I will turn back to the PC classes that were suggested.  Jurgen's sun-worshipping lizard beasts will likely be first.  After that, the occupational list/funnel thing for SPACE DUNGEON

Hopefully, I will be moved across the state at that point and I'll be too busy to do anything relaxed by that point but when I settle in I'll be back into Hangout gaming again.  The lesson I've learned is never ever again to underestimate the work put into a self-published thing, even a small one.

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