Thursday, June 19, 2014

Space Dungeon Living Document

An idea I am kicking around for a Dungeon oriented thing set in space where it can move to and fro from Space Hulk style wrecks to stone work to mines, with Low Gravity and all kinds of oddball traps and strange races. Jungle domes and temples to Precursor space races

The surface of the planetoid is littered with sentient habitant domes, some active and some discarded - many races abound. There are also Old Ones, mining shafts, some indigenous populations, weird energies, Space Tombs, human and alien settlements underground plagued by gangs (a la Necromunda), and precursor technology laying around down deep.

A free for all of races and classes, set in the dim interiors or with parties docking and diving and bringing out hauls of goods and loot

More later but I wanted it influenced by 1st edition Rogue Trader and Star Frontiers rather than the OSR stuff. More M.U.L.E. and Pirates! than Carcosa (good natured etc)

Handy use of Crawljammer and etc.  a hex crawl in 3 dimensions with some simple rules to generate the layout and tone, with very low guidance but just kind of THEMES

All races are welcome and weird back stories encouraged but not needed for play. Parties sink shafts into the core and delve, then bring resources back to purchase star docks, restaurants and establishments to establish races

Like a Gold Rush in space, powered by DCC.  A SPPPPPPPACE DUNGEONNNNNNNN

Entering and exploring the catacomb mines of Nebulmor presents dangers that the sole possession of a plan cannot prevent. Those dangers can prove lethal because of precursor artifacts, pits, falling objects, collapses, and warp incursions.  These hazards and the presence of certain biological entities may leave a very strong impression on the young, mentally infirm, or parasitic co-habitants of level 3B and below.

By entering the catacomb mines, you inevitably risk injuring yourself, possibly experiencing severe complications due to the inaccessibility of rescue officials.  Intervention teams are generally unavailable in high-volume access periods and on official Nebulmorean holidays.  The indigenous people of this planet assume no liability for any risks or injurious consequences that you assume by signing an entry waiver and/or continuing into the Green Zone.

These catacombs are also part of the underground heritage of Nebulmor.  They are a fragile place and contain a high number of historical and geological remnants as well as ancient indications that deserve respect.

Access to forbidden areas entails high fines, Phantom Zone imprisonment, and other sanctions up to and 

including termination of life functions."

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