Thursday, June 12, 2014

List of New DCC Project Races etc

Scrappler/Tofukin - give of yourself to heal the other party members!  Find a charcuterie or sous chef to heal - watch out for spoilage in this damnable heat (Doug's prompt)

80s Metal Kid - epic Tunes and Air Guitar saves the day. Law/Chaos/Balance is really on your side and this has some drawbacks (also Doug's prompt)

Antiquated Sword - a conceptual leftover of my participation in Stoutfellas, and the worship of slimy and unwholesome gods (I owe a debt of gratitude to Wayne, Doug, James, and the other Stoutfellas)

Sun Worshipping Reptiloids - environmentally affected dangerous/sleepy/poisonous/scaly (Jurgen's prompt)

Verminous Mass (there's a Cif- something or other in the Fiend Folio 1e) edit: CIFAL (Daniel's prompt)

Phlogiston-Displaced Moon Dweller - nice suggestion, David

Ape-Man Mind-Bender - thanks to James

Maybe a Thark - but I don't want to get torn to legal shreds. Martian Nomad?  Green Tusker? (Daniel's Prompt, I realize that my friend and co-conspirator +Darien Mason posted this already)

These prior are inspired by the good folks listed, namely +James V West , +Jürgen Mayer , +David Brawley , and my own personal Illuminati of DCC +Daniel Bishop and +Doug Kovacs.  All of these guys what whom are winners of semi-tangible things (Edit: Crawljammer #3 when it arrives unless you guys already do that thing in which case let me know) and also my esteem for inspiring me when I need a break from something else.  Maybe I can get you in touch with my man +Sam Schultz who can work on some printable paper minis for us to honor this meeting of minds

Also on the Docket:

Cloud Shoggoth - sort of a vaporous Dralasite - impervious to most damage but only solid for short times, prone to adopt the forms of nearby objects

Crafted Sentience/Golem - finite hit points, compelled to save the meek as long as possible (alternately highly limited functioning in some areas but impervious to some kinds of damage entirely)

'Loon (Oz thing) - patch up those leaks with string/bubble gum/innertubes - float/levitate, malleable, no damage from blunt attacks but highly susceptible to blades/piercing

Daniel beat me to sentient semi -anthropomorphic animal so that's good. The idea for all of these is to work within the spirit of DCC and tweak mechanics slightly but in a balanced fashion so as to get away from the old elf/dwarf/hobbit thing which to my mind has a certain charm but really strangles possibility in the crib, if you get my bad but to my mind apt metaphor

The spirit of the things I have been reading suggests the need for a variant of the Rolled-Over/Ruin rules, in which horrible consequences to the integrity of the character BESIDES death are heaped on for dropping to 0 HP, but with the perk that the same character can develop the narrative with the party after a rest and rotation back in. Death - permanent stat loss of varying types, madness, corruption , compulsions, quests, added mechanics, dubiously beneficial patronage, acquisition of terrible artefacts, doppleganger-age

Of course you may prefer death

I'm stalled on progress of the Big Project - partly legitimate and partly procrastinating. I figure GenCon is gonna keep GG busybusy until after the summer so I can coast through, refine, give early drafts to friends for edits and then submit a highly polished thing at the end of summer

I'm going to be a wreck at work in a couple of hours

(I just wrote this for the sake of getting it out of my noggin - names and identities filled in tomorrow)

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