Friday, June 13, 2014

Moon Dweller Psionicist (inspired by David Brawley and Daniel Bishop)

Okay, here goes.  A PDF of the first of several new classes for DCC, based on prompts from friends and passers-by.  Congrats to +David Brawley and with special thanks to +Daniel Bishop.  Daniel's method of generation for Lunar People is included within, from The Revelation of Mulmo, which is surely the most hateful swindle of a group of PCs a power mad minor entity could ever hope to commit.  It is sure to provoke some gnashing of teeth in a too-trusting party, that's for certain.

This is the Moon Dweller Psionicist, a Selenite Refugee stranded on Aereth by his own mental tinkerings with space-time, forever wishing only to return home and/or to violate the known laws of physics and existential norms.  Possibly to lay waste to the masses, and find bliss in the arms of a delicate or burly alien.

Possibly a little over-power'd, maybe, but certainly less so than the normal Wizard.  Also, the presence of these timid and delicate power-vortexes is very likely bring about an inevitable Phlogiston Disturbance - to my mind shamefully underused.  At least, underused in my own games.


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