Thursday, October 23, 2014

d200 Space Funnel Occupations!

(This is for Space Dungeon and the PbP and Hangouts community it goes with but here, you take it internet since we love you)

In Space, no one can hear you scream, as they say.  In Space Dungeon, everyone can hear you scream, including your closest associates and pals who will gladly remove your stuff from your corpse once it's been confirmed that it won't stand up and bite them.

I present to you the largish, cheerful Space Dungeon occupation list for a DCC-type 0-level funnel. It could conceivably be used to start any low-space-fantasy game, or else used to make meat shields or whathaveyou.  The gang on G+ got up to no-good on this, and I think it was mostly down to +Doug Kovacs and a couple of other guys in my circles like +Evan Lindsey and +Darien Mason

Doug!  Doug!  Your efforts from some months ago have finally paid off!  Now get back to work!

DOUG! DOUG! I hate sand, it's coarse and it gets everywhere!  Not like you, you're soft!

You can find the original thread for it HERE

The trade goods are HERE but note that I haven't got these all formatted into a pretty PDF like we all like.  Maybe next week, suckas!

Explanation of some of the rules and notable entries on the weapons, trade goods and personal items list.

I think maybe the missile weapons (slugthrowers, rayguns, zipguns, etc.) ought to be handled like crossbows, as the original rules intend - there are a couple of different sets of gun/raygun rulesfor you out there, but I think it'd be keen to boost the failure rate from like 2-6 to represent loss of ammo or energy cells, and of course I'm always one to boost the critical fumble.  Maybe rayguns need a round to recharge, and slugthrowers suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all shooting rounds in which you don't aim

Yeah, that's an easy rule.  Keeps those schmucks from killing your aliens too good.

Imma fix the spelling.  I used to think it was clever.

If you want in on some sweet sweet Space Dungeon goodness, click HERE

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