Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reading, GREPping and Thinking and Viral Marketing

I got my sweet sweet little nubbins on the Lone Wolf Kickstarter rules. Checking those out now, Kai Initiate...

Prepping my 40K army for tomorrow with the Frederick Guys at "The Fang" - they are by far the funnest, beer drinkingest Sunday morning folks you'd ever hope to meet. I probably ought to finish painting, base-ing and do all that good jazz for them but anyways. Emperor Forgive me, But I grow weary of the purity seals and gleaming metal and square-jaws. I've said before that I'm going to switch over to collecting and painting a Genestealer Cult, and I will, maybe next spring a couple of pieces at a time.  the winds of money blow against me at this time...

The hard copy version of the Hounds of Halthrag Keep is pretty done - just need to GREP out a bunch of instances of text (they appear in the digital version) and update the digital files with the script I make, and submit the new version with in-line art onto RPGNow and Lulu. The question is, do I make the icons myself???! - there are only about 6 or 7 of them - or go with something that's out there already...

Also, I keep hearing snippets of the Halthrag Keep. I gave my working copy to the sister-in-law, who passed it on to the RPG club at her high school, and within a few moments it disappeared into the crowd and has not been seen again. Maybe those kids - and I know where they are mind you ;) - can get free digital comps if they like it. The thought of teen gamers finding all the little nooks and crannies of my unfinished work sort of makes me gleefully gleeful. As an exercise in learning the ins-and-outs, HHSOLO1 is still a work in progress. The good thing is, it will only take a couple more sales to become "profitable" but I already profited by 1) making it and 2) hearing some of the fun stories that guys have told me about playing it.

If you have absconded with my thing, young RPG burglar (not really, it was meant to disappear in exactly this way), then notify the members of your guild, and have your Guildmaster (One Ms. Pierogie?) send me your contact emails and earn yourself a stack of digital copies to use as you please.  Or, I guess, you could take a Century and photocopy all the bits you have and then spread 'em around, but I mean.  Do what you will, young lads and lasses.  I'm curious to know how you list.  Also, my teeth are like swords, my teeth are like ten-fold shields, uh, I dunno cumberbatch does it better than

OK - gotta sleep

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