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Solo Space Dungeon - Wormy Bottom Pt. 2

Follow up for the previous post about playing Solo in the Space Dungeon, which kept me up too late to finish it.

These are the various purveyors in the general vicinity of Wormy Bottom, on the dreary surface of the tomb-world of Nebulmor.  Remember, the locals are given to coming and going, so unlike other areas (and contrary to the usual way in Mad Monks of Kwantoom and Ruins of the Undercity from which I lifted this idea) every time you try to find these places and make purchases while you are here, you check for Events (1 on a d6 roll, usually) and then use this previously posted event list to determine what happens.  Provided your band of slag-mutants lives, you then do a Personality Check (with your leader's PER) at the listed DC to see if the purveyor is around.  Then, you nominate the thing you want and check to see with a Luck check (listed DC) to see if that item is there.  'Always' means no need to check - that item is always in stock.

Faragut's Foodstuffs (DC 8)

Cans of Hydroponic Veggies - Always -
Bilk (Bleached Krill dairy replacer) - Always - 5 creds
Mummy Jerky - DC 13 - 15 creds (makes consumer immune to Mummy Rot for the next delve only)
Ash Potage - DC 10 - 2 creds
RadiaKleen - DC 17 - 50 creds, tablet and sanitary wipes remove the effects of radiation poisoning but doesn't prevent anything

Bob's Bits 'n' Bobs (DC 14)

Mysterious Stone Amulets - DC 16 - 100 creds, gives a +1 bonus to the next Will save, then shatters
Runed Tablets - DC 16 - 2d4x100 creds, 50% have a random curse, 25% a map to treasure, 25% a randomly determined Wizard or Cleric Spell (learnable/castable by any class)
Obsolete Software Holodisk -  1d100 creds - check the Star Frontiers  Equipment list; 75% will fail when used, but 25% are better due to some strange alchemy.  1 in 100 is a long-lost AI of randomly determined Alignment
Obsolete biosofts - DC 13 - 250 creds, gives PCs with a biosoft jack (more sometime later) access to a level 1 spell at a d14 spell roll
Vacuum Tubes - Always - 20 creds
AI Modules (Invariably Insane, but hey) -DC 17 - d100 Creds (some interesting effect that the GM will arbitrate; you may want to think hard before connecting to an open terminal)

Khrojang's Weapon Wagon (DC 14)

Stunners - DC 9 - d4x25 creds
Slug Gun - DC 12 - d2x50 creds
Club - Always - 2 creds
Mace - Always - 5 creds
Sword - Always - 10 creds
Laspistol - DC 15 - 125 creds
Faulty Space Knight Laser Sword - DC 19 - d3x1000 creds, any Critical Hit has a d3 multiplier for damage, BUT a fumble will mean a catastrophic overload and discharge of the power jewel, leaving an irradiated hole (possibly a Phologiston Breach) where the character formerly stood, or the same damage to the PC instead of the target.  Only for the daring!

Levko Damage Mitigation Gear (DC 16)

Patched Flak Vest AC 13 - DC 10 - 100 creds
Dented Combat Helmet AC +1 - DC 11 - 50 creds
Various Robot-Dermal Layers AC +2 - DC 17 - 200 creds
Phaser Field (immune to laser hits for 1d3 hits) - DC 18 - 250 creds

Various Forms of Companionship

Pillow Bot - Always - 10 creds
Valtrex Courtesan - DC 14 - 2d100 creds (they will come along and cause a ruckus for this price as a dangerous Plague Infested hireling for 1 delve)
Mongrelman/-woman Porter - Always (1d10 available) - 1d30 creds each
Mongrelman/-woman Thug - Always (1d4 available) - 1d30+5 creds each
Cybermastiff - DC 17 - 1000 creds
Organic Dog - DC 11 - 5d10 creds
Cliff Rooster - DC 14 - 10 creds
Grunkie - DC14 - 5 credits (note: as in ASE, Grunkies grow to become unruly and aggressive)
Irator Mercenary - DC 15 - Morale is generally low (whatever is appropriate for the character's PER - 2) - will accompany the party for a full share.  Armed with a Rusty Bardiche (as Battle Axe) and a Laser Pistol
Linkboy/Torchbearer/Lightbot - Always - 5 creds but Morale will fail at first funny and aggravating opportunity

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