Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sargon, DCC Patron

Subcreatures, Spring Hath Arrived and I'm between jobs, and relaxing except for money and with relaxation comes creation.

I've made Sargon of Lion Castle into a Patron for DCC, sort of a middling level one, with a good amount of risk to balance your rewards.  I don't particularly subscribe to the "only one God/Patron" view, so my idea is that you ought to be able to take up to your limit in Invoke X of different flavors, provided you're okay with all the stuff that could go wrong.  Of course, this means a rather Vancian notion of "swap out spells as needed" change to the vanilla DCC rules, and it's between you and your Judge how it goes if a Patron gets jealous - I do believe that some ought to get jealous by their natures.  Also, I don't particularly believe that Patrons need to have a 1-2-3 level spell and different burns and taints; this one just naturally kind of fell that way... But I note that provided you don't mind the "Manimal approach", Sargon gives you access to the Polymorph spell at level 3 rather than 4, with some limitations.  To my mind, if you want to risk casting a level 4 spell at level 1, then I say GO FOR IT for such are heroes forged, yes?  He's not so powerful, for example, as Dr. Chapman from Daniel Bishop's Creeping Beauties Series

For Sargon's part, I think he'd be cool with it, provided you don't abuse cats or anything, but even Lions don't look out for Tigers if you get my meaning.  It occurs to me this is a very '80s Patron.  If you're curious, the next one will be The Ancient Spirits of Evil from Thundercats, tossed around in a bowl with some Cthulhoid entities and Clark Ashton Smith gods.  Also, I have a Luchador class with a magic variant in the works!

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