Monday, June 29, 2015

Session Tracker Freebie

Fahhh!  the Quantum Ogre has attacked!  This blog's updates are coming more slowly and less accurately than before... For which I am not expressing guilt - my hobby/gaming is as regular on the DM end as ever, and furthermore as my other awesome blog shows, I am productive after a fashion and keeping it on the learning end and having fun.  But traditional Fantasy/Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawling gaming (as a genre or mode) is becoming less central and more like the sprinkles on a really fun donut LIKE THIS ONE

AS I WAS SAYING that encompasses a lot of hands on and cerebral and social stuff for me.  I regularly run games, but rarely play. Not for lack of interest but when the building of a hive city in my basement and making and painting the inhabitants is the thing, then it must come after family life and leave narrow margins for other things. And of course I prefer to run games more than play on the PC side, these days.  Not because my Hangout community peers aren't great but...  I don't know. I don't see a great number of games I'm interested in playing in for some reason. I think Dave Y.'s introduction to In A Wicked Age really blew the doors off for me.  I think probably Camp Nerdly is a turning point and as my kid gets older and the wife is more into it, I think I'll try to do it more.

Anyways, I MADE THIS. It's a tracking sheet and fairly useful for the kind of game I usually run.  I try to refer to PCs and henchies by name - maybe it helps immersion, I don't know.  GLAMROD THE ELF, WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?  BEWARE THE SACRILEGE!  We all have a little thing we do like this to keep our SAN score up; its use ought to be fairly self-evident. I think when I ran barrowmaze, like 95 percent of the games conformed to this sort of format.  Maybe that's why I am running out of steam on this end for gaming of a particular type.  It seems like all games I've played or run or seen sort of go like this...  Not that it's bad - I always have fun and I think the players do, too.  One little tool in your box of stuffs; surely it's been done and like HEY MAN IF IT MAKES IT EASIER THEN GOOD

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