Monday, April 17, 2017

Almanac of Thrend, Part 27

I have worked on a couple of these 'weird Americana' series of monograph-type things, since it pleased me to lay things out in a clever, pleasing way, and offer them for a pittance.  But I really do believe more content ought to be shared around for free, and not gussied up in fancyboy PDFs and on-demand prints.  They are loosely based on my early life in various bits of Florida, as well as the dreams that I have.  You might say that Thrend is a rough analog of my Dreamlands South-Eastern U.S. populated by anthropomorphic animals and wicked fairies and absolutely no fucking orcs or goblins or other standard fantasy bad guys.  I note with some irony that Today, the day of this post's posting, is actually Emancipation Day for real.  Gods Bless Robot Lincoln and his push for freedom for all robots, constructs, golems, androids, subandroids, and crafted persons

If I had bothered to put in some pictures, just imagine some seedy Key West equivalent, or maybe Saint Augustine, or like the Peace River, Dismal Key and the Ten Thousand Islands area...

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