Friday, September 15, 2017

Dystopian Simulation

Working on Actually finished since post was writ, that is I finished this Grand Theft Auto 4 mod project, just trying to capture a certain Half-Life 2/Stalker/Exclusion Zone feel. Maybe Innsmouth? Like a version of Innsmouth from that movie Dagon, in which the town really sucked. I don't mean to say I made a mod, but I collected a bunch and just enjoy driving around in it and watching bad things go down.  Why? I don't know.

Some mods listed below:


... and a couple of different Fiats


The Simple Native Trainer

The Selfie Mod

The Facial Animation Mod

Pedestrian Changer

First Person View

Then there's this one script in which total war erupts in town and it's cops and gang bangers and drive bys like 24/7 365 and I made sure it's raining and lightning all the damn time and it's not as fun as I thought.

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