Sunday, February 9, 2014

Follow Up with New Spell - Imbue Wild Spirit

In my previous post, I proposed a spell to snatch a wild spirit and put it under the caster's control.  Here is a DCC version in PDF form...

Any public summonsing will result in immediate incarceration, unless they are HAWT

I tried to keep a little of the danger and a lot of the random-ness of the LoTFP version, and added in a mechanic whereby you can stick the spirit in something physical and also a method to keep summoning the same spirit with a little added risk (sure to bite you in the ass eventually).

Again, thanks to all the weird little psyches that I twerked this from, including but not limited to +Rachel Ghoul +Ramanan S +James Raggi and especially +Claytonian JP and +Doyle Tavener who filled in a couple of blanks in Table 1.  I don't know what "Thrushing" is - some fungal infection, I guess?

Let me know what you think in the comments, or not, as you prefer.

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